Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • Is it going to hurt?

    Our Houston, TX patients report that FASTBRACES® technology comes with significantly less pain and discomfort when compared to traditional braces. While some discomfort may be experienced after having your FASTBRACES® applied, this is typically very mild and can be managed with OTC pain relief medication or by simply waiting it out. FASTBRACES® provide a far more comfortable and much faster orthodontics experience.

  • Can I have better looking smile?

    My FASTBRACES® of Houston FASTBRACES® don’t just provide a straighter smile, they also provide a healthier one. Your smile will be better looking after your time with FASTBRACES® is through, but it will also be easier to care for in the long-term. With teeth that are easier to brush, clean, and care for, FASTBRACES® gives you a better looking smile from the inside out.

  • Do I need a cleaning?

    It’s best to apply FASTBRACES® to clean teeth, and this ensures that no trapped bacteria or plaque gets stuck in places that cannot be adequately cleaned after the braces are applied. My FASTBRACES® of Houston will apply your FASTBRACES® to clean teeth, and teach you how to keep your teeth clean while you have your braces applied. With proper care, you’re left with a brand new beautiful smile after FASTBRACES® treatment is complete.

  • Do you take my insurance?

    FASTBRACES® technology is covered by all insurances that provide braces coverage. My FASTBRACES® of Houston will work with you to ensure insurance covers your treatment, explain what insurance does or does not cover, and to create affordable payment plans for those who may not be covered by their Houston, TX insurance policies.

  • How much is the copay?

    The copay you may be required to pay for your My FASTBRACES® of Houston treatment will depend on your particular insurance policy. Some insurance providers and policies may have 0% copays, while others may have copays that are much higher. If your treatment requires a copay, you will be made aware during the early stages of your process and you may set up a payment plan or affordable option to ensure your payment is convenient and affordable.

  • Do you have payment plans?

    My FASTBRACES® of Houston provides easy, affordable, and convenient payment plans to all of our Houston, TX patients. These payment plans provide something special to our Houston, TX patients who may have never thought orthodontic care was a financial option for them before due to being uninsured or underinsured. Payments may be made during your monthly follow-up appointments, or earlier if that is more convenient for you.